$100K sculpture to adorn Coral Springs’ ArtWalk

A piece of art created by a Coral Springs resident will add color to the ArtWalk that is under construction in Coral Springs’ downtown area.

At a recent Coral Springs City Commission meeting, city officials approved an agreement between Zachary Knudson, a glass artist, and the city for a 13-foot-tall work of art that will act as an entryway sculpture for the ArtWalk. The sculpture will cost $100,000, with the money coming from the city’s public art fund and not from tax dollars.

Titled “Beyond,” the sculpture is made of infinity glass with powder-coated aluminum and LED lights. “It is a special sculpture; nothing has ever been done before to this scale” Knudson said. “Coral Springs will have a piece of art that is truly cutting edge; it will be something different.”

“We had 35 artists submit proposals,” said Jim Hickey, assistant director of development services. “We narrowed them down to three. We had the finalists at the Biz Art festival so that folks could look and vote on them.”

The sculpture, which combines several glass etching and lighting techniques using many layers of specialty glass to create an infinite feeling, will be interactive in nature. “People can actually walk right through it,” said Knudson, who was born and raised in the city. “It is all made from laminated glass. It is very strong and scratch resistant.”

“We don’t get public art requests too often,” Commissioner Dan Daley said. “I generally don’t support public art pieces that don’t enhance the community feel. I made one exception, and that was for the 50th anniversary art piece. But I do think we need to think outside the box. We need to be innovative if we truly need this downtown to blossom.”

Vice Mayor Larry Vignola stressed the fact that tax dollars will not be used for the project. “It is not money that we can use for other things. It is impact fees, set aside for public art. It is not that we are taking money from any other department. We cannot use it at our parks or anything. It is specifically for public art.”

“Public art is funded by new or existing development projects,” said City Manager Erdal Donmez. “The developer or builder has the option to pay into the fund to support the public art program or alternatively have a public art piece in front of the project, which also has to be approved by the public art committee.

“It is controversial at times, but it truly enhances our lifestyle in the city.”

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