Adult sand volleyball league starting in Springs

Sand Turtles volleyball is no longer just for children.

Owner Mark Lewkowicz initially established the Sand Turtles Beach Volleyball program six years ago in Coral Springs when Broward County‘s public middle schools eliminated of the indoor sport from their athletic programs. Lewkowicz’s goal was to give student-athletes an opportunity to continue to play volleyball, despite the county’s budget cuts forcing the program from its schools.

The volleyball program was brought back into middle schools this year, but the Sand Turtles have continued to grow. An adult program will be starting this month, according to Lewkowicz. He said the schools having brought back the sport helped to generate even more interest in volleyball, at varying age and ability levels.

“Quite simply, demand; we’ve had several parents and adults asking for it,” Lewkowicz said, regarding the Sand Turtles Beach Volleyball’s adult coed league that has been scheduled to start on May 22 at Riverside Park in Coral Springs. “We want it to be a very social league; competitive but not too much.”

Lewkowicz is looking to put together six, 6-player teams to play a 4-on-4 format. Games would consist of two matches per night, depending on the number of participants in the program , according to Lewkowicz. Although the program is going to be arranged as teams, players are still encouraged to join as individuals since they will be placed on teams as the program’s participation evolves.

Madison DeLuca is already prepared to bump, set and spike for the Sand Turtles’ newest division.

“I’m looking forward to it being an adult league that would just have some friendly competition,” said DeLuca, of Coral Springs, who had played volleyball at Coral Springs High School when she was a senior. “I’ve experienced [the Sand Turtles] beginner leagues and they run a very organized program, so I’m excited to see this adult league grow.”

According to Lewkowicz, the newly established division is set to follow the foundation in which the Sand Turtles were established.

“I’m looking forward to seeing people play and socialize,” Lewkowicz added. “We’re all about staying in shape and having fun while playing the game of volleyball.”

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