After 7 years, Center for the Arts is profitable

For seven straight years, Coral Springs’ profit-sharing agreement with Professional Facilities Management, the company that runs the Coral Springs Center for the Arts, did not bring in any money.

This year, there was good news.

“We have a check for $88,000,” City Manager Erdal Donmez told city officials during a recent meeting. “We don’t see the facility as a profit-making entity. This is a cultural organization.”

The facility opened in 1990; the city signed an agreement with Professional Facilities Management in 1994. The city continues to provide financial support, even though the subsidy has come down substantially from a high of $870,000.

“Our goal is to make the subsidy as close to zero as possible,” Donmez said. “It is now down to less than $400,000. We hope the situation will continue to improve.”

The facility has grown to become a destination point, said James “Lynn” Singleton, president of Professional Facilities Management. “We try to book things that are at an elite level. One of the challenges is that the 1454-seat center is too small for big events and too big for small ones… Additional signage will help the facility.”

More than 3,750 students have benefited from the center’s summer performing arts camp in the last five years. “We have given 600 tickets to charities in Broward County this year already,” said Kevin Barrett, Center for the Arts general manager. “Nonprofit art organizations come to us; we help them be successful with their events.”

Professional Facilities Management operates in nine states and has contracts with 11 facilities. Prominent among them are Barbara Mann Performing Arts Hall in Fort Myers, the Durham Performing Arts Center in North Carolina, and the Providence Performing Arts Center in Rhode Island. Lauderhill recently signed a contract with the company to run its new performing arts center; the facility is set to open later this year.

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