Boy vying for world Pokemon event

Luke Mogul loves playing the trading card game Pokemon, and his dedication has paid off.

The 9-year-old fourth-grader from Parkland recently won the Pokemon Coral Springs City Championship Junior Division. Mogul, who won a trophy and 16 packs of Pokemon cards, bested 28 players ages 5-11.

“I like the competition,” he said. “It’s fun, thrilling, amazing. I love the game.”

Mogul began playing Pokemon about a year and a half ago. His mom, Stephanie Mogul, said it teaches him valuable lessons.

“You have to have strategy, you have to think about your opponent’s next move, you have to play under pressure, so it teaches you a lot of skills like good sportsmanship, how to win, how to lose and how to be honest,” she said.

Heidi Craig, premier tournament organizer, said city championships are “very popular.”

“Many players travel all over Florida to play in several events trying to earn points toward worlds. Some players even went to Georgia to play in what we call a marathon, playing 10 events in a row,” she said.

The worlds are the 2015 Pokemon World Championships in Boston this summer. With his victory, Mogul earned championship points that count toward a potential invitation to Boston.

Next up, he will compete in regionals in Kissimmee. If he wins, he will earn another 100 points, totaling 200, which is enough to be invited to worlds, he said.

“His brother and him play all the time and work on strategy. We have thousands of cards at home — boxes and boxes. … He loves it,” Stephanie Mogul said.

Luke said he will play for many years, even though his favorite Pokemon deck will be taken out of rotation soon, which means he won’t be able to use it in tournaments.

“I see myself playing with another deck … because I really like this game,” he said.

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