Crime down in Springs

Crime decreased by 4.2 percent in Coral Springs in 2014, making it three years in a row of a downward trend.

The decline in overall crime is mainly due to the significant decrease in residential burglaries that the city has seen in 2013 and 2014.

“We had 299 residential burglaries in 2013 and 285 in 2014,” Captain George Soberon said at a recent Slice of the Springs meeting. “I can go back 10 years and not find a year when we were under 300. In 2011, we were at 564 residential burglaries.”

In the town center-center west area of the city, the number of residential burglaries decreased from 123 in 2013 to 119 last year. The north side and north east region saw 77 residential burglaries in 2014, down from 82 the previous year.

While the city-wide number of vehicle burglaries remained unchanged at 378, the number of such cases in the town center-center west area fell from 150 in 2013 to 139 in 2014. In the north side and north east region, the number increased from 95 to 102.

There was an increase in the number of auto thefts in the city last year, with the number rising from 97 to 104. The increase was more pronounced in the town center-center west region, with 2014 seeing 55 such crimes as opposed to 41 the previous year. The north side and north east region saw 19 vehicle thefts in 2013 and 2014.

The police department has adopted a modified version of the nationally recognized Data Driven Approach to Crime and Traffic Safety, Soberon said. “We look at where the crime is, where are crashes are. We then try to put more officers in the area. It is like playing chess; you want to move your pieces to the right place.”

Mobile integrated health care: The fire department will launch its mobile integrated health-care program, the first of its kind in the state, this summer, Fire Chief Frank Babinec said. The program will give people in the community the option of being treated at home rather than being transported to the emergency room, even for non-life-threatening issues.

“It is urgent care on wheels,” said Babinec. “We will come to you for non-emergent-type calls. It is the first in the state, as well as the southeast region of the country.”

Safety Town building: Construction of the new Safety Town building is expected to begin in May, Parks and Recreation Director Rick Engle told residents. “We hope to finish construction by the end of the calendar year.

“We will continue the program in a temporary trailer while the building is being constructed.”

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