Drama-free Parkland to have part of (made for TV) blood and guts

The same day the city put out a public alert on its low crime rate, producers of a crime drama were readying parts of City Hall for filming.

“The Glades,” an AE television show, spent Friday and Monday painting the mayor’s office and the commission chamber and putting up new blinds. Filming will be Tuesday.

City Manager Caryn Gardner-Young said she doesn’t know the story line but since it’s a “cop drama you have to believe there’s something” crime-related. But it won’t impact the city’s stats “thank God,” she said.

The city will be paid $100 that will go into the general fund and receive a $1,000 donation the city will give to the Education Advisory Board, which often donates funds to area schools.

Said Mayor Michael Udine: “We have a beautiful City Hall and we’re glad to help. It’s all in good fun.”


Article source: http://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/broward/parkland/fl-glades-parkland-20120507,0,670432.story?track=rss

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