Out of foreclosure, Coral Springs mayor takes up fight for better banks

The city’s mayor is out of foreclosure, and he said the experience was so awful he is now mulling becoming an activist.

Last year, Citimortgage Inc. — the company Vince Boccard refinanced his mortgage with — filed for foreclosure. He said it happened after a bookkeeping error that started when he and his wife applied for and were approved for a loan modification on their 30-year fixed-rate mortgage several years ago.

He has since spoken to his own congressman about passing legislation to require lending companies to have brick-and-mortar offices so people have a place to resolve issues face-to-face “instead of dealing with a phone system.”

“Sit with an account specialist and bring back the old style of banking one on one. It doesn’t exist anymore. Today you are nothing but a Social Security number and an account number and that’s where it ends. I think the banks are so big these days they don’t have proper representation. This is inexcusable.”

He’s not sure where his lobbying goes from here, but he says he gets requests for help.

“I’m an expert now on how to get through this and I can’t tell you how many people have asked me for direction,” he said. “Something needs to be done.”

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