Parkland opens its doors for a consignment store

A consignment store has opened in Parkland, the first one of its kind in a city that is set to turn 50 in a few months. The city still remains out of bounds for secondhand or big box consignment stores.

“Sincerely Yours,” a 4,000-square-foot consignment store run by two women, one a Parkland resident and the other looking to move in to the city, opened this week at Waterways Shoppes in the city. This followed the city amending its Land Development Code to permit “luxury consignment stores” within its limits.

“We had to wait 12 weeks,” said Cindy Quallich, one of the owners, after the Commission’s approval. “This will bring in revenue and liven up the shopping center that is now half empty. We are filling a niche in today’s market.”

The matter came up before the City Commission because the original version of the city’s LDC permitted only vintage stores. According to the staff proposal, any consignment store with more than 1,500 square feet had to apply for a special exception, but city officials ruled in favor of looking at future applications on a case-by-case basis.

“This is not a secondhand store, this is a luxury consignment store,” Commissioner Jared Moskowitz said, supporting the application. “A consignment store and a secondhand store are completely different things.”

“I don’t think there is anyone who will equate Salvation Army with luxury,” Moskowitz said. “We don’t want secondhand stores in Parkland. We also want to avoid big box consignment stores, but this is different.”

“We are not just selling items that people no longer want,” Quallich said. “We sell upscale designer clothing for men and women, jewelry, furniture, lithographs, paintings by local artists and much more. We do not take donations.”

“It is a high end type of business,” Mayor Michael Udine said. “We should support them. We don’t want big box consignment stores in the city, but what if someone comes in wanting to sell used Rolex watches? We don’t want to keep them out of Parkland.”

Commissioner Dave Rosenof wanted the commission to have the final say in applications for consignment stores with more than 1,500 square feet. “I don’t know how we can define luxury. Every store is going to be different, depending on how the store is kept and the quality of merchandise. I can see a secondhand store also being very high end.”

We are going to be the anchor store for restaurants in the shopping center,” Elizabeth Henderson, shop owner and a Parkland resident for 20 years, said. “I owned a consignment store in Coconut Creek earlier and also had a restaurant. We are confident of doing well here.”

Sincerely Yours is at 7505 N. State Road 7, Parkland. Call 954-755-7000.

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