"Parkland Peeper" spied on neighbors for nearly two years, reports show

He’s called himself the “Parkland Peeper” and admitted lurking in his neighbors’ yards and peering through their windows at night.

Sean Francis Tucker, 22, has been linked to at least a half-dozen Peeping Tom cases over the past two years, according to Sheriff’s Office reports. Unsuspecting women have fallen prey while in the shower, the kitchen and in bed.

To these startled residents, the voyeur was a dark silhouette and a sudden threat in the gated communities of The Landings, Landings Estates, and Grand Cypress Estates. When police later identified the prowler as Tucker, the neighborhood boy who grew into a troubled young man, what seemed sinister suddenly became sorrowful.

Lisa Ponczek banged on her sliding glass door to spook a peeper outside her bedroom in April 2014. She told detectives she planned to warn others by posting about it on Facebook. She planned to tag everyone she knew in The Landings as well as the city mayor, according to a sheriff’s report.

But soon after learning police had identified the man as Tucker, she had a change of heart and declined to pursue criminal charges. She told detectives she had known Tucker and his family for more than 10 years.

“I watched the kid grow up,” Ponczek, 50, told the Sun Sentinel. “I said to the police, ‘Please make sure the family gets him help.'”

Jason Weiss, Tucker’s attorney, says the young man’s family understands he needs psychological treatment and they appreciate neighbors’ tolerance so far.

“He’s not a dangerous kid,” Weiss said. “He’s never hurt anybody and his family understands how serious this is and how disruptive to the neighborhood this is.”

March 24, 2014, 9:10 p.m.

As Laura Drigo showered, she heard a bump on her bathroom window and noticed a person’s dark silhouette through the privacy glass, a sheriff’s report said. She ran out of the bathroom, soaked and screaming, to alert her husband.

A neighbor across the street spotted the peeper running away, the report said. Drigo’s husband ran outdoors but could not find the man. Although he and the neighbor lost sight of the peeper, Drigo’s surveillance cameras didn’t. They captured him creeping around the property.

In an attempt to identify the Peeping Tom, the Sheriff’s Office released the surveillance footage. Tips saying it was Tucker trickled in.

Authorities got a call from Tucker’s attorney who said his parents also had recognized him and wanted their son to turn himself in. Upon meeting with detectives and viewing the surveillance footage, Tucker confirmed he was the man in the video, according to a sheriff’s report.

But Drigo told authorities she wanted Tucker spared and not prosecuted — her family had known the Tuckers for several years, the report said.

April 1, 2014, 10:25 p.m.

Ponczek was in bed when noises drew her attention and she noticed someone outside of her bedroom’s sliding-glass door, a sheriff’s report said.

The stranger had his hands on top of her door frame, attempting to pull himself up to look through a window above the door that did not have privacy glass, authorities said.

Ponczek sprung from bed and banged on the door to startle the Peeping Tom. When deputies arrived, she told them she was aware of another neighbor who had been peeped on while in the shower, and she wanted to alert others through social media about the creeper.

Investigators identified the suspect as Tucker, who lived within a few blocks of Ponczek. She then told detectives she did not want him to get in trouble and declined to help prosecute him.

June 18, 2014, 10:40 p.m.

Scott Sullivan was in bed when a noise on the patio startled him. A sheriff’s report said Sullivan parted the blinds covering his sliding glass door and saw a man standing on a patio chair inside his screened porch, peering through his bedroom window.

Once spotted, the peeper took off.

Deputies suspected Tucker, so they later conducted surveillance at Tucker’s home, less than a half-mile from Sullivan’s in the community of sprawling estates. They didn’t catch him peeping.

Nearly a year later, when Tucker was arrested for violating probation on an unrelated drug charge, detectives asked him about the Sullivan case. He admitted he wanted to spy on Sullivan’s wife, Fran Sullivan, who had been Tucker’s elementary school teacher, sheriff’s reports show.

He told authorities his voyeurism was a result of his drug use, marijuana and pills, according to a sheriff’s report.

Sept. 24, 2014, 2:43 a.m.

Kelly Lue, 51, was in the kitchen reading a magazine when her dogs began barking furiously and startled a stranger in the backyard, she said. She ran into her bedroom to call police.

“It was very easy for me to see him, but his face was in the shadow, so I couldn’t notice every detail in his face to say this is 100 percent him,” she said.

Deputies again suspected Tucker, but Lue couldn’t confidently pick him out of a photo line-up, a report said.

Although she was spooked to see a stranger on her property, it wasn’t entirely a surprise. Lue said her real estate agent had warned her about the Peeping Tom.

She said she wasn’t worried about being vocal about her brush with Tucker, who lived a little over a half-mile away, and cooperating with detectives.

“I don’t live across the street from his mother. I don’t have girlfriends who live in the neighborhood,” Lue said. “I was new to the development; I didn’t have any of that community pressure that maybe the woman who lives across the street from him does.

“If I had lived here a long time, saw the boy grow up, maybe it would have been different,” she said.

Nov. 30, 2015, 8:12 p.m.

Although it wasn’t the first time Tucker was accused of peering into a Parkland neighbor’s home, it was the first time neighbors were willing to take a stand.

Andrew Zaukas caught Tucker, who lived across the street, standing on top of a water purifier trying to look through his bathroom window while his wife showered about 8 p.m., according to a sheriff’s report.

Zaukas, 53, confronted Tucker, according to an arrest report. Detective Bob Rutkowski described the husband’s exasperation in his 911 call, his prompting another neighbor go get Tucker’s parents and later Tucker’s mother pleading that her son not be arrested.

“Nobody expects it, especially from the neighbor,” Rutkowski said. “In the privacy of your own home, your wife can’t take a shower?”

Zaukas and other neighbors waited for deputies along his and Tucker’s street. Authorities said Tucker could not get away and was arrested. He was charged with voyeurism, burglary and loitering and prowling.

Article source: http://www.sun-sentinel.com/local/broward/parkland/fl-parkland-peeper-incidents-20151211-story.html

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