Springs cites cop for speeding on turnpike

A police officer caught driving 88 mph on Florida’s Turnpike — 23 mph over the posted limit — has received counseling for excessive speed.

A resident complained Officer Brody Scott was speeding on the turnpike near Glades Road on Aug. 31 as he drove home from work. According to an internal affairs investigation released Tuesday, officials reviewed SunPass records to confirm the officer reached a top speed of 88 in a 65 mph section.

Margate, Plantation cops punished for off-duty speeding

The department investigated further and found several other examples of Scott speeding, including 78.5 mph the next day.

Officials said Scott, 27, who has been with the agency for two years, has a good record, and because he accepted responsibility for his actions, his discipline was mitigated.

“We expect our officers to respect the same traffic laws they’re enforcing,” Chief Tony Pustizzi said Tuesday.

The resident, retiree James Andersen, 59, who caught the speeding cop, lives in Coral Springs and said it’s just a coincidence that he seems to catch police officers breaking the law — but he’s ready with a video camera when he does.

He said he busted a Plantation police officer last winter going 85 mph and 65 mph through a toll plaza on the Sawgrass Expressway. The speed limits are 65 mph and 25 mph respectively. That Plantation police officer lost his take-home car for 10 days for not activating equipment that would have showed whether he was speeding, according to an internal investigation released in June.

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